235/45R17 Radar Dimax E-Sport 2 97Y XL


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The Dimax e Sport 2 is the high performance range within the Dimax e Collection from Radar Tires. This range offers a blend of high performance, increased safety, high mileage and is eco-friendly at the same time. The e Sport 2 is engineered using a special low rolling resistance compound and light weight construction that minimizes the energy lost from heat, improving the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reducing the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment. It also features a silica based tread compound that provides added safety through shorter braking distance.
1. Asymmetric tread pattern with a solid outer shoulder provides stability and precise handling at high speeds1. Precise handling and stability at high speeds
2. Lightweight construction combined with a special tread compound keeps the tire cooler, helping your engine improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions2. Save up to $200 in gas over the life on your tire at $3.75 a gallon per gallon*
3. Silica based tread compound provides no compromise braking, that results up to 8 feet shorter stopping distance

*Based on rolling resistance test with Radar Dimax A/S-8, 215/60R16 size. Car’s fuel consumption approx. 3.5-4 gallons/100 miles. Estimated 40,000-45,000 miles during the tire’s lifetime. Fuel savings are estimates only. Actual on-road savings may vary.

3. Stop up to 8 feet shorter for added safety**

**Based on wet braking test with Radar Dimax A/S-8, 215/60R16 size tire from a speed of 50 mph to 0.

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Weight22 lbs
Dimensions25 × 25 × 6 in
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