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Even though most people understand just how important it is to have good tires on their vehicles, a lot of people put off finding a new set because they think that it takes a lot of work to find off-road tires for sale. Between the many different manufacturers, models, sizes, materials, and tread options, it can be a little overwhelming. That’s all about to change. At Tyres Gator, we have brought together a collection of tires from many different makers at great prices. Our store makes finding wheels and tires that will work with your vehicle incredibly simple: all you have to do is enter your make, model, and year, or the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter, and our site will show you what options are available to you.

This page is a helpful resource with lots of information about some of the off-road tires for sale on our site, as well as general information about tread patterns, what tires are best for the kinds of driving you do, and lots more. Check back often, as we are always updating this page to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant material that will make choosing tires for your SUV or truck easier than ever. For general questions, visit our FAQ page.

Shop with Tyres Gator today for a great selection of the best tires and wheels at prices that can’t be beat. Get off the beaten path today and experience the great outdoors with your truck or SUV. There are few other ways of spending your time that are more fun or more exciting than conquering a tough trail or making it through a mud course, so don’t delay any longer — find your new off-road tires for sale at Tyres Gator!


When you are trying to learn the basics of tires, one of the most important components that you should understand are the tread patterns. There are four basic kinds of tread patterns found on modern vehicle tires. Each type has their distinct advantages and weaknesses, and conditions in which they are most useful. Check out these tread patterns below, and then place your order at Tyres Gator for the best prices on the largest collection of off-road tires online.

Directional (Unidirectional) Treads

Tires with directional treads are designed to work correctly when travelling in one direction. This means that they need to be mounted correctly in order to perform in the most efficient manner. You will often see v-shaped treads on directional tires. These v’s push water out from under the tire’s surface to help prevent your car from hydroplaning. If you drive in snow, water, or mud, using tires with directional treads will help your vehicle maintain its grip on the road. Directional treads are commonly found on winter and all-season tires.

Symmetrical Treads

If a tire has symmetrical treads, it will feature the same pattern of tread across the surface of the tire. These treads are the most quiet kind of treads and are often found on many normal passenger cars. Symmetrical treads tend to wear more evenly than other patterns and can be rotated to any other position on the vehicle.

Asymmetrical Treads

Asymmetrical treads are commonly found on high-performance tires used by off-road trucks and SUVs, as well as sports cars. Tires with asymmetric treads are built for enhanced grip on corners, mud, and rocky surfaces, while also pushing moisture away from the surface of the tire.


A combination of asymmetrical and directional tread patterns. These treads have a v-shaped directional tread to help force moisture away from the tire, and they provide increased grip on dry roads thanks to the asymmetrical inner and outer sections.

If you are trying to decide which tread type is right for your vehicle, think about which conditions you are most likely to drive in. When you drive your truck or SUV on the street more often than you hit the trails, then you might want to settle for a tread that offers you some extra grip while off-roading but still remains comfortable and quiet on the street. If you’re really serious about mudding or rock-crawling, pick up a set of the most aggressive off-road tires you can find and mount them on their own set of tires so you can swap them out before you leave for a trip.

Find your new set of off-road tires for sale at Tyres Gator today! We always carry a vast selection of tires that are perfect for off-roading and driving on the road, as well as wheels from some of the most sought-after brands. Shop with us today for the lowest prices as well as a 100-percent fitment guarantee! If you have questions, please reach out to our customer service department.


Now that you understand the difference in tread types, we will go over some other important factors to consider when you are trying to find the perfect off-road tires for your truck or SUV.

What Is the Weather Like Where You Live?

While all-seasons tires are designed to provide adequate grip for all seasons, if the area where you live has extreme weather that lasts longer than average, it may be a good idea to consider different tires.

For the sake of this discussion, when we refer to extreme weather, we are talking about higher than average rainfall, snow, or sleet, as well as extremely high temperatures that persist for months at a time.

All-seasons are almost always a great choice if you live in a part of the country that experiences all four seasons but doesn’t get slammed with high amounts of precipitation or prolonged periods where the temperature is over 90 or under 30. All-season tires have been designed to handle almost everything that Mother Nature can throw at you, but they are not designed to be the best option for any kind of weather. If you want to be able to buy new tires and then forget about them, all-seasons might be a good option to choose.

If you live in a part of the country where you are constantly exposed to high levels of rain, snow, or ice on the roads, there are better tires that will keep you safer and make your drive more comfortable. All-terrain tires offer a nice balance between an aggressive off-roading or mudding tire and an all-season tire, and are an excellent choice if you alternate between doing a lot of driving on paved roads and off-roading, either for fun or for your job.

Choose the Right Load Index and Speed Ratings

The load index of a tire is there to let you know how much weight a tire can safely carry. The load index should never be ignored on any vehicle, but especially when you drive an SUV or truck, as you are able to add more weight to one of these vehicles compared to a car. For SUV and truck tires, there are often two load indexes. The two indexes indicate the rating for the tire when used on a single rear axle vehicle or a dual rear axle.

While the speed rating may not be as important for off-roading vehicles as it is for high-performance cars, it still bears mentioning. The speed rating is there to help you understand what speed the tire is able to handle safely. While your truck may not be capable of reaching high speeds, you should still pay attention to any new tires you buy to make sure they are compatible with what your truck’s manufacturer recommends.

Spending More Means You Will Get More

While there are many items you can buy for a little bit of money and receive the same features and quality as a more expensive option, tires are not one of them. From the quality of the materials used to build them to the amount of time and effort spent designing and engineering a new style or tread, more expensive tires are almost always better than cheaper ones. While you are in some ways paying more for a brand name, a good tire brand comes with a lot of important qualities that you want in your tires. Large manufacturers spend a lot of money and time investing in research and development in order to build a better tire that not only outperforms their own models, but also outperforms their competitors. This competition means that you will receive tires that have years of research behind them, and that they are built from the best materials available to the most exacting standards.

Shop with Tyres Gator today to find the best passenger and off-roading tires for sale at prices that are almost too good to believe. We have a 100-percent fitment guarantee, so if your tires and wheels don’t fit, we will replace them with ones that do. Browse our online tire store today for a wide selection of your favorite brands in a staggering number of sizes. We offer great discounts throughout the year, so check back often and snag the wheels and tires you want at a price that no one else can match.

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