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All Terrain Tires (AT) vs. Mud Tires (MT)

All Terrain Tires All terrain tires are designed for both on and off-road use. They do work well on highways and in the mud. However, they can't be the best in either one. Mud Tires are much better in the mud but All Terrain are smoother and threads last longer when driving on paved roads…
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Different Wheels Finishes

1. Chrome Finish Chrome finish provides an extremely polished, reflective effect similar to a mirror. With extremely high shine and reflective, this finish is popular among enthusiasts and it has the ability to completely change the look of a vehicle. The downside of this type of finish is that it can require a fair amount…
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What is Wheel Offset

The offset, measured in millimeters, can be negative or positive, and is the distance from the hub-mounting surface to the rim’s true center line. A positive offset means the hub-mounting surface is closer to the outside edge of the wheel, i.e. the wheel wraps around the hub and brake hardware more deeply; a negative offset…
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Wheel Bolt Pattern Reference

Bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the wheel lugs. Bolt patterns can be 4-, 5-, 6-, or 8-lug holes. A bolt circle of 4x100 would indicate a 4-lug pattern on a circle with a diameter of 100mm. 3 Lug Bolt Patterns are usually manufactured…
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