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If you have driven around town trying to find the best deals on tires and rims for your car, you have probably seen just how hard it is. While some tire retailers seem to offer great prices, by the time you are ready to pay, you may have noticed that they have added on additional charges for everything from mounting and balancing to service fees. Other retailers might have prices that are just too high or a selection that is completely lackluster. Maybe you have gone into a tire store only to be told that they don’t have anything that will fit your car in the store, but they can order something for you.

Finding great rims and tires for your car doesn’t have to be difficult. At Tyres Gator, we have streamlined the process by offering you a large selection of wheels and tires from well-established and newer manufacturers at great prices. Our online wheel and tire shop allows you to make the decision about what tires and wheels are right for you instead of having a pushy salesperson try to upsell you to something you don’t need. When you shop with Tyres Gator, all you need to do is enter some basic information about your vehicle (year, make, model) and choose from the plethora of options that we have available. It really can be that simple.

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Our Tires and Wheels Will Fit Your Car

One of the best parts about our online system is that it takes the guesswork out of the equation. Our online inventory knows exactly what size rims and tires your car takes and will only display what will fit. You won’t have to go out to your car to measure anything, and you won’t have to scour the internet looking for definitions of aspect ratios, bolt patterns, or offset ratios. Just click, browse your options, and choose the car rims and tires that fit your budget and match your personal style.

What Makes Tyres Gator Special

In addition to everything we mentioned above, Tyres Gator is more than just another online tire store. We have an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly customer service department that is available by phone six days a week to answer questions about any of the wheels or tires we sell or what the status of your order is. If you don’t want to place an order over the internet, give us a call; we’re happy to help you place your order over the phone.

Did you receive your order only to find that the wheels and tires you ordered don’t fit? Don’t fret — thanks to our 100 percent fitment guarantee, we will make it right. We will send you a new set that does fit, and pay to have the other set returned to us. Your satisfaction is a guarantee when you choose to shop with Tyres Gator.

We ship all orders to the lower 48 states for free!

Tyres Gator always has the lowest prices. In addition to our everyday low prices, we run specials on certain car rims and tires as often as we can.

Anything we can do to make finding a new set of wheels or tires easier and more affordable is our top priority. We leverage our buying power so we can keep your prices low on the hottest, highest-quality products available. Reach out to us today if you have questions or start browsing our site now and pick out the perfect tires and rims for your car. With so many styles, we know that you will find something you will love!

How to Detail Your Car Rims and Tires

There are few things more exciting than the day you put on a new set of wheels and tires. The way that rims and tires can transform the look of a car is almost magical, and it always plasters a smile on the face of the car’s owner. Over time, though, some of that magic starts to fade. Even if you take your car through a car wash fairly often, it isn’t uncommon for your wheels and tires to lose some of their initial shine and vitality. A lot of our customers have asked us the best way to take care of their car’s rims and tires in order to prolong that magical feeling, and we figured that this was the perfect place to do it. Read on to learn about how to detail your tires and rims to keep them looking brand new!

Do Your Research

Taking care of your wheels and tires is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. Steel wheels need to be cared for differently that alloy wheels, and regular alloy wheels that are painted or powder-coated should be treated differently that unpainted alloy wheels. Some types of cleaners advertise that they are great for tires while others say that they are “all-purpose.” How do you even begin to sort through all of the possibilities? The best place to start is with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The manufacturer understands exactly what your wheels and tires are made from and what will clean them correctly. This information is usually available on the manufacturer’s website. If you can’t find instructions there, check with people who have wheels from the same maker.

Get Your Supplies Ready

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, gather everything you will need to clean your car rims and tires. Usually, you will need a good supply of water, soft cloths, a brush with soft yet stiff bristles (don’t use steel wool or a metal-bristled brush), and your cleaners. Make sure you are familiar with the directions on your cleaners and be prepared to follow them

Start Cleaning

Following the directions on your cleaner, begin to scrub the wheels and tires. If your wheels are new, it won’t take a lot of work to get them shining again, but if it has been many months or even years since you have cleaned your wheels and tires, you may have to repeat the cleaning process several times or scrub extra hard.

No matter how difficult it may be to remove the built-up brake dust and other accumulated gunk, do not use metal brushes or steel wool, and do not use abrasive cleaners that were not recommended by the manufacturer. If you try to take a shortcut you could damage your wheels. While the damage might not be noticeable right away, over time the small scratches and pock marks caused by metal scrubbers and abrasive cleaners can grow worse and worse and leave ugly blemishes on your wheels and cause the paint or powder coating to flake off.

For your tires, the goal is to clean them and then add a layer of protectant that will keep the rubber supple and dark. If your tires are turning brown, it may be time to start looking for a new set. Brown tires are dry, which means that they are more likely to crack or crumble than newer tires. Depending on where you live, you may have to apply tire protectant more often. Hot climates with lots of sun can sap the moisture out of tires more quickly than more moderate climates. Brown tires can also be a sign that someone used a caustic cleaner on them. Caustic cleaners cause similar effects to heat and sun — they dry your tires out.

Don’t Forget to Rinse and Dry

After you have gotten your car rims and tires clean, rinse them off thoroughly. The rinse isn’t complete until the water runs completely clear. Even recommended cleaners can leave a residue that won’t look good and could, over time, cause damage. Once the rinse is complete, use a soft, microfiber cloth to dry your wheels. If you let them air dry, they could have spots caused by the minerals in the water. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, distilled or ionized water can be used to rinse your wheels off.

If the manufacturer recommends a wheel wax or other final protectant, apply a thin layer. Finally, use a tire dressing. A tire dressing is a special formula that adds a nice shine to your tires and creates a layer of protection from the elements and from brake dust.

We cover cleaning procedures more on our blog, so check those articles out, here and here, if you have more questions or want to learn more! You will find lots of great articles on wheels and tires in our blog, so spend some time browsing around and become a tire expert!

What Rims and Tires Are Right For Me?

If you’ve never bought car rims and tires before, or this is your first time buying them from an online tire retailer, trying to determine what you need might not seem easy. As part of our commitment to helping our customers find the right rims and tires, there are a few questions we can ask that might help point you in the right direction. If this section doesn’t clarify things enough, reach out to our customer service department or take a look at our knowledge center.

What Kind of Weather Do You Experience Each Year?

This might be the most important question of all. If you live in a dry climate that sees little precipitation, you don’t need tires that are designed for wet climates. If you live in an area that experiences moderate rain, snow, and ice, all-season tires are probably a safe bet. Like the name implies, all-season tires are built to handle most seasons fairly well. They are not the best for extremely rainy, snowy, icy, or dry areas, but they should get you through a normal year with few problems.

For areas that experience heavy winters with lots of ice on the roads, you may need to invest in two sets of tires and maybe a second set of wheels. Snow tires are designed to push melted snow and solid snow away from your treads while biting through ice thanks to special compounds that keep them flexible even when it is cold out. Some snow tires have studs (small pieces of metal) that are imbedded into the treads. Studs exert more force onto ice and dig through it to improve your tire’s contact with the road.

What is Your Budget?

While the price of tires shouldn’t be the only consideration you make, we understand that everyone has a budget they need to work within. At Tyres Gator, we have done our best to bring you tires from companies that have proven track records of reliability and quality, so our affordable tires are still a great option. As tires are the only contact your vehicle has with the road, it is always a good idea to find the best tires that you can afford. The more expensive a tire is, the more likely it is to have been built with the best materials, feature better tread designs, last longer, and carry a better warranty.

What Do You Use Your Car For?

How you use your car is important for determining correct wheel and tire choice. If you commute long distances every day, you will need tires that are designed and manufactured for use on roads (as opposed to off-road or mud tires) and that have a tread pattern that is designed for smooth and quiet rides. If you race your car, there are several options that will give you the grip you need without sacrificing too much speed.

Keep checking this page for more information about car rims and tires. Tyres Gator is always here to help you find wheels and tires from the brands that you trust. Search for your new wheels and tires by inputting information about your vehicle, or search by size or brand. If you have questions, reach out. We would love to assist you. Remember, we have free shipping on every order and we guarantee that everything will fit correctly or we will make it right!


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